December 11, 2013

  • Wow ow.

    So I am here once again updating, I have no idea if anyone can even read my posts, but this is mostly for me anyhow.  My recovery from my “mystery illness” has been slow. So far I have had many blood tests, Sinus surgery (which did help!) And fixed my thyroid dosage. Also They switched antidepressants 3 times. Boooggggal  Ok that’s just what popped in my head when I thought about the switching of meds ha!

    The sinus surgery went okay, the entire time I was under, I was in tachycardia. However of course I did not know this until I started to wake up and heard the Doctors and nurses talking about me. They were trying to figure out to treat it or not.  I have never been put out for surgery before,  so I had no idea how my body would respond. Scary. As I came to, my heart eventually went back to normal.

    We have been slowly getting through the latest bug in this house, out of 9 of us, 4 are left to get it including me.  Yucky.

    My dryer broke last week and I of course panicked.  Thankfully my sister came to my rescue with an extra old dryer she had sitting in her carport that I thought she had sold months ago!  She saw this picture I posted on facebook !  My entryway was ALL clothes for two days just so i could not fall further behind.



    I can breath now I have caught up on most of the Laundry and I have started on bedding again. PHEW.

    I have been watching my Great nephew for my niece Marina ( the one who went to New Orleans with us when Laura had her strokes, YES she has had a baby since) Marina works as a Certified Nurse Assistant, she graduated high school and was certified, went right to work, with a baby less then one  yr.  I am very proud of her.

    This is my great Nephew Andrew


    Bath after dinner, in the sink. Love it.


    I have been on an eggplant kick for the last month. Maybe my poor body needs something in eggplant because I crave it all the time.

    It turned out amazing, sooooo Yummy!



    My baby Michael watching mommy cook.


    Max wishing I would give him some scraps.


    The girls called me to their room the other day to show me the fort they made with the bunk beds, they said there was a “surprise” inside. How cute, I love these moments.


    Can you see what I see?


    Awwww It was Milo the kitty. snugged in with the stuffed animals.


    My hubbs working on the computer and being dad at the same time. Sweet.


    Anthony is getting so big now, I can’t stand it.


    The older boys being creative with these things that really hurt when you step on them. And of course it is always mommy that finds them unexpectedly.


    They sure are proud.


    Michael likes to suffocate himself now with the burp cloth, i have no idea why. He pulls it up on his face and squirms around like he is under water or something, then he reaches up and yanks it off his face and laughs hysterically. Why oh why? Haha


    This is going to be me in about 15 minutes, Long day, can’t keep my eyes open.


    Love this pup.

October 7, 2013

  • Blah

    I havent been able to post or do much at all because I felt very ill. I am finally getting back somewhat to myself . I have had a thyroid issue for years and for a long time I have been pretty stable, that is until the past month or so. I am seeing some specialists to get myself on the right dose again.

    We are thinking of another addition to our family, I am not really for it, but Mark thinks the kids need some responsibility. We lost our Italian greyhound this past spring to old age, he was almost 13. He went downhill pretty fast and wasn’t able to balance when we decided it was time.

    So here is the litter of pups my husband wants to pick from. They are pure breed Pits. Now some may have concern of the type of breed and that we have kids…

    I have done research and I feel completely safe with the decision. (ALTHOUGH I AM NOT A DOG PERSON AND I DO NOT WANT TO CLEAN UP AFTER A DOG!)

    Both parents of the pups were raised with young children ages newborn to 7, and all the pups have been handled a lot by young kids.




    Some other pictures as well








    Like I said, I am not a dog person..I never was, but there was “something” about holding this pup and smelling the sweet puppy breath. (normally I would say yuck)

    Maybe I am sicker then I think? lol

September 19, 2013

  • Finally able to post

    I don’t think I can possibly catch up on everything now. I’ll give it a try though haha. Just grabbed a cup of coffee and am going to try and make my first post on new xanga. I mean try, not only because it is all new to me, but because I have a fussy 3 month old who does not let me put him down for anything. He looks cute but…awww shucks yea he’s just cute, ( and crabby right now) teething possibly?



    So I just figured out my first obstacle to continue writing UNDER the have to go to text, start writing, then to visual again ..not sure how it will look when it is published though.

    So the kids had a great summer and we did alot. We didn’t go to the Lake as much as I wanted to, mostly because we only had a few weeks of weather where I thought it was warm enough to do so. (yes that part of this summer stunk) I think it didn’t even get into the 70′s until the middle of June, we had a week of 80′s in June, then a few weeks in July. Some of August was ok, when it wasn’t raining.

    103_2958It rained so much we decided to dig and install a drain system to the ditch in our front yard because the water being pumped from our basement was going directly to our lawn outside the back door and creating quite the swamp area. We have never had that problem before but we also haven’t had all the rain we had this past summer.


    Some things we did over the summer, well besides add to our family.



    We went to a 50′s graduation party for a friend.








    We went to a park with a Lake (other then our Lake)



    We went to a convention


    Anthony is trying on my shoes at the hotel



    101_1509101_1514101_1517101_1531101_1542Marks mom stayed all summer,his dad came for half, I am so glad they were able to stay with us! Such a big help! This is his mother holding a passed out Anthony at the convention.




    101_1596Alaina made numerous toad and frog houses and had families of them in various places around the yard, and eh em, in her bedroom…sadly some of the families didn’t make it when i found them :(

    101_1594                                                                  a survivor!




    101_1651We went to parks to during the summer here is one time Marks parents went with us









    This last pic is one of the best shots I could get of them before we had to book it to the van because of the storm rolling in. I think Marks dad had taken about 20. I don’t have many of all of them because,well I can’t always keep all of them together, and especially when the camera comes out, they scatter!


    Anthony developed these spots all over his hands and feet and he wouldn’t eat for almost two weeks. We took him to the doctor and found out he had Foot and mouth disease, which had to run it’s course. We also found out he had the sores in his mouth too which explains the not eating.

    101_1767                                    I don’t remember any of the other kids having this virus called Coxackie.

    I would definitely remember it!

    101_1780I spent many many hours, and still do snuggling this little guy!

    Oh boy I can tell by the text that this post will look interesting

    I just switched it somehow and don’t know how lol.

    Well Linn was able to get some great snapshots of the kids


    We had another Assembly in August to attend


    WOW they are all together once again lol

    and this one is the best we could get of all of us, Anthony wouldn’t stay still for it!


    So this one makes up for him not looking in the family pic lol


    Baby after bath smelling yummy!


    And I think I am loving the new features on xanga, I just figured out I can drag and drop the pictures where I want them haha.

    Well that pretty much wraps up the summer. And this post because Anthony decided to run out the back door and the baby is now awake.

    I have so many pictures I was thinking of just doing a summer picture post. We’ll see.

    Right now,back to mommy land.


August 21, 2013

  • Michael Josiah baby #7 arrives

    Don’t know why half my pictures are missing now :( I just noticed a month after i made this post ) may have to do with the new xanga,some got left behind?

    Easy delivery as always. Friday June 7th I started regular contractions around 2 in the afternoon. By 6 I called my husband at work and told him he should probably come home just in case. We left for the hospital at 7. When I arrived I was 5 cm and not in too much pain. My babies are “floaters”. which means I dilate but they don’t drop down they are still floating not engaged. Long story short the doctor had to maneuver the baby with ultrasound so as to make sure the umbilical cord was not first before he broke the water. I am thankful for epidurals! I was laughing throughout my entire labor and yes I did say the contractions “tickled” because they did! Michael arrived at 1:55 am June 8th weighing 8 pounds and 20.5 inches long.

    Proud daddy announcing on facebook

    proud big sister!

    biggest brother meets littlest brother!

  • Baby reveal party

      In February my sister threw us a reveal party for baby number 7.  Before this I have never heard of such a thing. She was creative with it and we were patient! I of course just knew what gender the baby was being experienced and all haha. I was always right with all the others knowing how I eat with each one compared to the gender. So I had said BOY from the get go, and of course I was right! (boys I eat JUNK food, girls I crave salad and fruit) I thank all my friends for being there with us and making it such a nice experience for us to share together.

     I am just now playing catch up so more pictures less talking. The pictures tell it all.


August 8, 2013

  • I’m back

    I think. It has been a while! Pictures to come soon. A new baby in the house! Michael Josiah  was born June 8,2013. He was 8 pounds and was 20.5 inches long. Everything went great despite the doctor being nervous about a possible cord prolapse. More on that when I add pics. It will be soon I promise! Laura is still in therapy and is doing great, and Sienna has fully recovered from her brain surgery as well. I feel very blessed lately. I can’t believe I have 7 kids now!

February 4, 2013

  • Yes!

    How easy breakfast would be if we had one of these!


    We would be having breakfast for dinner too~  

January 25, 2013

  • Catch


    Our friends came for the should have seen Carters face when he got off the bus and Dale says, “you ready to go ice fishing?” Off they went!




    I think this was Dales catch…pretty sure Carters was thrown back. I think he may be some what like his mom and knowing what was going to happen to it, he spared it’s life. happy  



    He played with it a little, including poking both eyes out while the others watched in total amazement and i almost lost my lunch.



    Black thing is an eye! (already on the cutting board above the fish!) 

     can’t believe I took a picture of this!



    Mommy was not too excited about this catch…gross! But the kids were totally captivated!



    Laura feeling the tail.




    Then the frying pan was ready and Dale showed him how to do it.







    Itty bitty fillets



    Dales earlier catch of a large Bass, then the smaller catch which he called “Poor mans shrimp” cooked up and seasoned with love by Linn.

    Alaina loved it, Mark did too. Not sure if any of the other kids tried it. I don’t think so…Maybe next time!

    I didn’t touch it and promptly was disinfecting my kitchen and made all the kids wash hands!

January 23, 2013

  • Hello little one


    Face looking up 3d




    hiding behind arm 3d




    profile pic 2d


    20 weeks 

    Arrival in May (possibly June)

    I have a sealed envelope in my possession I am to hand over to my sister with the gender inside.

    Baby number 7 are you a boy or a girl?

    I do think I know!

    But DO I?

    Does it really matter? Of course not. 


December 14, 2012

  • Butterfly bandages

    I am very thankful for them, if they did not exist, then I would be making yet another ER trip.

    What happened?

    Last night, i had a chance, a chance to use the bathroom uninterrupted….so I thought.

    All the kids had sat down for dinner at the table, they were eating and talking. This was perfect! So upstairs I went.

    About 2 minutes later, screaming. Not just normal argument screaming.

    I run downstairs and halfway down Jonathan comes to me and said “I didn’t do it! I didn’t do it! Siennas eyeball is bleeding!” I said WHAT!?!?!?

    It took about 5 minutes before i could get everyone calmed down enough to get the story.

    Apparently Alaina had went to the freezer to take her “ice pack” out that she made with melted ice then refroze it. She took it out and for whatever reason, decided to throw it at Sienna gashing her eye brow wide open.

    I mean REALLY?!?!?

    Sometimes I just don’t understand.

    Alaina was however VERY repentant and only had to stand in the corner for 10 minutes. She kept screaming “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” While crying. Must have been a hundred times at least.

    So instead of the ER, I came across these neat butterfly bandages, cut one side to fit over Siennas eye, and Voila! The slice is about 1/2 inch long but closed perfectly and runs through her brow, so hopefully you won’t even be able to see a scar.


    PHEW. (you can see her scar from her surgery still, but when her hair grows longer you will not be able to see it.)


    Someone send me on vacation?


    This morning started off great, Until this guy….


    Got ahold of A+D ointment and fingerpainted my dresser,carpet,and himself…oh and a stuffed Barney.


    I have to say though it IS easier to clean up then vaseline. Been there done that!  And he spared his hair! Yay!

    After recovering from the A+D ointment incident, Mark and I were able to have a nice lunch, I made fried mushroom,onion,and garlic,put it on some italian bread…chopped up steak for Mark on the side.

    The coal man showed up this morning also, just in time, we had days left of coal. Now the bin is overflowing and will last into next winter. Ready for real winter to show up now. Middle of December and this past week we had 50′s and 60′s? i am not complaining either! I would LOVE for it to be this mild all year. We know that does not happen though!  

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